5 ways lack of quality sleep affects your career progression

Sleeping well at night has many benefits from healthy body weight, emotional stability to increased intellectual capacity as well as daytime productivity. All of these will impact your ability to build a great career.

But more often than not, the conversations I have with people quickly turns to sleep issues and in particular insomnia and how it affects our everyday lives including our working hours.

When you look at what it takes to function to your best during the day, of course quality hours of sleep is on the top of that list for sure. But yet, so many of us struggle to achieve and maintain this kind of sleep at night, compromising on our ability to complete all the things we want to during the day.

So if you are serious about being good at your job, and progress in your career, daytime productivity is absolutely vital. For most of the clients that I work with, one of the reasons daytime productivity is so important is that it helps with their career progression.

When you don’t sleep so well at night and wake up tired in the mornings, almost dragging yourself out of bed to get going, your chances of excelling at your job or career will be impacted for sure.

Let’s look at the 5 ways your sleep affects your career progression:

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