How does lack of sleep affect your food cravings?

Eating what your body actually needs vs eating what your sleep deprived brain craves…

Of course with sleep deprivation or insomnia you are likely to struggle with particular food cravings for the ‘wrong’ types of food. And almost all of my clients will have this challenge along side other issues that lack of sleep will cause.

But food cravings are particularly interesting.

You might think everyone who struggles with sleep will default to fast foods or lots of caffeine. But that is not always the case. If you struggle with getting a good night sleep for a longer period of time, you may start to notice how you crave certain types of food at a certain time of the day or skip a particular meal every day for example.

These are only two of the things that I see in my private practice every day but there are many different variations depending the individual’s situation – which makes my work truly interesting for sure.

In a recent project researchers showed some indications of what is happening to our cravings and how much we are prepared to pay for food when we are more tired and low on energy – (here is the link to The Guardian article)

Don’t reach out to food on autopilot causing you to just have a ‘rush’ of energy then crash again.


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