Is work-life balance the best way to approach life?

You might have guessed it… I don’t think it is.

All those years ago when I was insomniac and people told me about the work-life balance, I was also someone who worked on achieving that. Almost desperately.

But somehow I never could.

You might relate to me when I say: I am a multi-passionate person. I always liked being involved in different things, you probably do too.

Of course at the time when I struggled, it was to the detriment of my sleep and my health for sure. So I realised that it is not about work vs life…

In this short video, I explain what I think now and what I also help my clients to achieve.

My work with clients involves working on helping them go from overwhelm, burning out, exhaustion to building a sustainable high performance life that they actually really enjoy as well, all through sleeping well at night.

You may think this is unachievable, but actually it is not rocket science. It is really achievable and actually without sacrificing precious hours of quality sleep.


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