Misconception Two – Nothing I can do about my sleep problems

This is another misconception that I come across all the time.

The ‘world of sleep’ and its practitioners often make overcoming sleep problems seem like such a complicated task to figure out and achieve.

If you have already asked for help in the past to overcome your insomnia and sleep issues, you know what I mean… Advice that didn’t seem to work for you!

The reality is that even GPs are given very basic training on sleep that doesn’t really enable them to be able to support their patients within a short consultation.

But since I have started my research over 10 years ago, I have come across so many different ways we can address and overcoming sleep issues like insomnia.

(Note, I am not talking about sleep disorders, those need full assessment and appropriate treatment plan)

Overcoming insomnia and other lifestyle related sleep issues are completely possible.

The video below is expanding how thinking this way may hold you back and keep you insomniac for longer.

As always, I am very happy to answer any questions you have.


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